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We specialize in eyelash extensions of all types. You can choose or show our stylist what you like, and based on your preferences and the stylist’s experience, we will recommend the most suitable type of lashes for you. You can choose between regular lashes (one lash per natural lash) or volume lashes (3D – 6D).

We also offer facial treatments, which include deep cleansing of the skin using a UV spatula, facial massage, a facial mask, and finally, advice and tips on how to care for your skin at home.

Eyebrow or eyelash lamination is one of our newest services. This service helps tame unruly hair and eliminates the need for daily eyebrow or eyelash maintenance based on how you slept or how your eyebrows look. Eyelash lamination is a process that beautifully curls your lashes and creates a stunning effect as if you were wearing mascara.

Additionally, we provide eyebrow or eyelash tinting using regular or long-lasting henna dye. For lash lifting, we also offer the option of lash nourishment, which is most effective when the hair follicles are open in a lamination manner. This method is called Lash BOTOX.