We cooperate with companies: Multisport, Activ pas+Sodexo, UNI šek, Benefity Management s.r.o., Edenred benefity.
Gym: Day pass: 130,-Czk (see the pricelist)
Fittop chip (time specific, day pass, students, seniors, credit) special prices on different levels
Time specific entrances: one week 450,- Czk/one month 1300,- Czk/3 months 3300,- Czk/6 months 6100,- Czk

Credit tickets: for prices see the pricelist

The minimum for the first payment is 1000 Czk, then you can recharge 500,- Czk or more. The chip is valid for 1 year from the last recharge.

Ways of payments: Cash (CZk)/Credit cards/Multisport card/Benefits (Sodexho pass- Relax pass, Flexi pass, Fokus pass, Chéue Déjeuner – unišek, Accor Services – ticket compliments, ticket multi, ticket benefits.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 6:30 am – 10 pm

Saturday 9 am – 8 pm

Sunday 9 am – 9 pm

Price of entry

Gym one entrance  125,-Czk
Gym for students gym under 26 years of age to 3 pm/from 3 pm 100,-/110,-Czk
Gym for seniors gym after 60 years of age to 3 pm/from 3 pm  100,-/110,-Czk

Group lessons

Aerobic,Pilates,Powjóga,P-class, Bodyform/students+seniors – 55min 135,- Czk /119,-Czk
Tabata,Body workout,Bosu,Functional tr.,Circuit tr. and Interval tr./students+seniors–  55min 135,- Czk /119,-Czk
 TRX/Jumping students+seniors– 55min 135,-Czk
Jumping – 55min 150,-Czk
 TRX – 55min 150,-Czk

Gym time card

Fittop card 1 week 450,-Czk
Fittop card 1 month 1300,- Czk
Fittop card 3 months 3300,- Czk


Sauna privat 1 person 90minutes 220,-Czk
Sauna privat maximum 6 people

Solarium Ergoline

Solarium Ergoline Excellence 880 Smart Power 1 minute 17,- Czk